merchant ship primer / professional vessel / for wood / epoxy
Eposeal 300



  • Market:

    for merchant ships, professional vessel

  • Formulated for:

    for wood

  • Composition:



¬ Excellent penetration of porous surfaces
¬ Long pot life and easy application
¬ Ideal sealer coat before solvent-free epoxies

Eposeal 300 is a solvent-based, low viscosity epoxy sealer. Once Eposeal 300 material has soaked into a surface, the adhesive nature of the epoxy base will help to consolidate and strengthen that surface. The resultant epoxy sealing layer provides a high adhesion and moisture resistant base for any type of paint, varnish or epoxy coating system. For example, many woodworking applications combine the penetrating power of the Eposeal 300, with the thick, clear coating capability of SP 320 to produce a strong, highly protective, deep gloss surface on wood.
The solvents used in Eposeal 300 evaporate quickly once the product is brushed out, so that subsequent layers of Eposeal 300 can be applied in quick succession. Providing the lid is replaced on the mixing pot, the long pot life of Eposeal 300 means that just one mix can be used for multiple coats.

Eposeal 300 has been developed primarily for use on wood but can also be used on other materials such as GRP, stone, ferrocement, brick, etc. Eposeal 300 has an extremely low viscosity which ensures that the product achieves rapid and deep penetration of porous surfaces

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