boat seat pedestal / with suspension

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boat seat pedestal / with suspension boat seat pedestal / with suspension


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Functionality:

    with suspension


SUSPENSION-KIT for improving the comfort of any standard marine seat.

Seats for sport boats must meet particularly demanding requirements. When traveling at high speeds, maximum attenuation of vibrations to absorb rough jolts is crucial for ergonomic, fatigue-free, healthy sitting.

GRAMMER´s full-suspension technology, featuring 80 mm of suspension travel, is highly compact to maximize comfort while occupying a Minimum of space.

Using a practical crank, the suspension can be flexibly adjusted to the user´s weight between 45 and 130 kg.

The AVENTO SUSPENSION-KIT from Grammer is ideal for upgrading your power boat seat.

Resistant to salt water.

Outdoor use: Salt spray test of 1500 Hours.