multi-use canoe / inflatable / 10-person / EPDM



  • Intended use:


  • Structure:


  • Number of places:


  • Material:

    EPDM, rubber


The ADVENTURE TEAM is the boat best suited for the occasion. It is the enlarged version of the GRABNER ADVENTURE, well proven, easy to transport. It is a boat, of which many thousand are around all over the world.

Equipped with 6 inflated seatrolls the TEAM becomes, relative to its size, a real “lightweight”.

The 10 person canoe for groups ADVENTURE TEAM was originally developed for Japanese dragon boat races. Its typical canoe shape makes it significantly faster on lakes and light watercourses than conventional rafting boats; experienced raft guides are delighted with the directional stability of this robust giant. The enormous overall dimensions can be reduced to manageable 120 x 60 x 35 cm and stowed away in the carry bag; with a weight of just 49 kg, this giant canoe can be carried much more easily than other rigid boats of the same size. Ideal for group excursions with up to 10 people, school classes, corporate events and staff outings, boat trip providers and boat rentals.