multi-use canoe / inflatable / 4-seater / rubber



  • Intended use:


  • Structure:


  • Number of places:


  • Material:

    rubber, EPDM


The ADVENTURE SL is of the ideal size to accommodate 4 adults, or 2 adults and 3 children. A perfect boat for the entire family, or for the adventurer, who requires a lot of luggage space.

Four seat boards for four adults or for parents with several children: The size of the ADVENTURE SL shows that it is truly versatile and perfect for the entire family, heavyweights and adventurers carrying along a lot of luggage. This portable 4 person canoe offers both beginners and experts everything one expects from an inflatable Canadian canoe. It runs smoothly, is extremely resistant to capsizing and forms an ideal canoe for your camping holiday. Everybody will find a place on slow-paced tours along lakes and rivers. Unrivalled for joint experiences!