outboard inflatable boat / foldable / inflatable bottom

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outboard inflatable boat / foldable / inflatable bottom outboard inflatable boat / foldable / inflatable bottom - SPEED


  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck features:

    inflatable bottom

  • Length:

    4.55 m (14'11")



This sleek canoe with motor bracket offers enough space for three adults, can be easily paddled and accelerates quickly. Recommended for relaxed trips with electric motor. Powered by 6 hp, it turns into a streamlined motorboat with a glide speed of up 25 km/h. It is the right choice for anyone who wishes to get started with a motor. A pleasure on rivers, lakes and in coastal waters.

Canoe on course
SPEED combines a sleek canoe bow with a long water line for particularly effortless performance characteristics. The ideal combination to stay safely on course.

Floor and keel
This inflatable canoe maintains good directional stability thanks to the downward-shifting floor with levelled side transitions.

Three seat positions
The high aspect freeboard fends off the waves and protects children from falling overboard; the large interior space with the wide stern can easily take extra loads. Up to 3 seat boards for 3 adults can be separately trimmed at three positions whereas luggage can be fastened to the unused lateral eyelets.

Intelligent details
The strong bow reinforcement strake protects the boat-skin when it collides against obstacles. The belt can be used to carry the boat and to fasten luggage and you can also hold on to it if the boat capsizes.

Practical line
The high coaming protects the circumferential eyelet strip from penetrating water and offers plenty of possibilities to fasten and attach oars and the sun-awning.
When the line has been inserted, you can hold onto it from inside and outside and carry the boat.

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