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Specifically designed to meet the safety requirements of ISAF Offshore Special Regulation 3.14, Safeline Max is the ultimate solution for textile lifelines. Extremely light and durable, it offers maximum dimensional stability thanks to the minimal creep of Dyneema® DM20 Max technology fibers.
Furthermore, the innovative triple braid construction allows you to splice the product without an increase in diameter, allowing an easier installation of pre-spliced lines.
The 5mm version is compliant with ISAF Offshore regulations for boats up to 8.5m , while the 6mm version is suitable for longer boats.

Construction: Triple Braid
Core: Dyneema® DM20 MAX coaxial double braided core
Cover: Dyneema® with polyurethane coating
Diameter: 5 - 8 mm (larger diameters on demand)
Use: Lifelines
Characteristics: Excellent dimensional stability and abrasion resistance. The double core construction allows splicing with no diameter increase for easier installation.