sheet cordage / double-braid / for racing sailboats / Dyneema® core



  • Type:


  • Structure:


  • Application domain:

    for racing sailboats

  • Core material:

    Dyneema® core

  • Sheathing material:

    polyester sheath, Zylon®-sheathed, Vectran® cover


Gottifredi Maffioli is strongly committed in providing all its customers the most innovative and best performing ropes available on the market, giving racers constant access to the most advanced technologies and materials. After being tested in world premiere by ORACLE TEAM USA, winner of the 34th America's Cup, the new Dyneema ® SK99, the strongest fiber ever made by DSM, is now available to the market, opening a new era in high performance rigging. This cutting edge material delivers the highest tenacity available in a lightweight polymer fiber to date showing a 7% increase over SK90 and 20% over SK78. The modulus is 10% higher than SK90 and 35% higher than SK75 and SK78. This translates into thinner, lighter weight and lower stretch lines, which allow better sail performance and thus faster possible boat response. When it matters, Dyneema ® SK99 will be there pushing your boat faster, helping you to win your next race.

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