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boat pillow boat pillow


The unsual properties of the gisa med neck roll make it so special.

gisa med neck roll cover

Made entirely of spacing weave, the gisa med neck roll keeps its shape long-term, and is air and water permeable. It is washable and disinfectable.

The neck roll offers support to the back of your neck, can lift heavy legs, and can help you relax. It has many uses in exercise routines.

The roll can also help support you in the optimal lying position.

Measurements: approx. 15 x 40.5 cm

Outside: 8mm gisa med Thermoflex

Filling: 20mm gisa med Dryweave

Firmness: flexible, from soft to firm

Do not forget to order the matching gisa med neck roll cover. This is available both in white gisa med® Tencel material or in a blue medical version (disinfectable).

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