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All Garhauer Marine products

Backstay Blocks

Boom Vangs

boom vang
boom vang 40UAG 4-1
indicative price *
boom vang
boom vang 30UAG 4-1
indicative price *

Bow Rollers

stainless steel bow roller
stainless steel bow roller AR-35
indicative price *

Cheek Blocks

Deck Organizers

Fiddle Blocks with Adjustable Shackle

Fiddle Blocks with Becket, Cam Cleat and Adjustable Shackle

Halyard Lift Blocks

Lifting Davit

boat davit
boat davit LD 6-1 W/ 26
manual rotating
indicative price *

Rigid Boom Vangs

rigid boom vang
rigid boom vang RV 20-1SL 28-44 FT
indicative price *

Rope Clutches

Snatch Blocks

Stanchion Bases Only

boat stanchion socket
boat stanchion socket ST-44
indicative price *

Stanchion Gate Brace

boat stanchion
boat stanchion ST-32
indicative price *

Swivel Jam with Deck Mount


mainsail sheet car
mainsail sheet car MT-2
with block
indicative price *