ship echo sounder

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ship echo sounder ship echo sounder - FE-700


  • Application domain:

    for ships



* Cost-effective; No paper, no consumables; high accuracy and high reliability
* 6.5" color LCD display featuring a wide viewing angle and adjustable brightness
* Viewing window 15 min wide on any range setting with 1 min time marks
* Choice of system frequency - high-resolution shallow depth sounding with a 200 kHz transducer or deep water sounding with a 50 kHz transducer
* Various modes for experienced users with never-get-lost default position
* Compact display cabinet enabling installation at a conning position or any other convenient location
* Depth data for last 24 hours in memory to play back the past sounding information
* Digital interface for radar, VDR, ECDIS, and other navigational or radiocommunication equipment
* Meets IMO standards MSC.74(69) Annex 4