ship radar / ATA / with ECDIS / color

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ship radar / ATA / with ECDIS / color ship radar / ATA / with ECDIS / color - FAR-3000 SERIES


  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with ECDIS, color



▶ Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function provides clear echoes
Users can quickly adjust the radar image with a single action. When Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function is activated, the system automatically adjusts the clutter reduction filter and gain control according to the sea and weather conditions selected (Calm/Rough Sea/Hard Rain).

Our advanced echo averaging architecture is also incorporated into Automatic Clutter Elimination (ACE) function. Users can avoid complicated adjustment processes, resulting in clear echo images.

▶ Improved Target Tracking (TT) function
● Target acquisition takes only a few seconds
● Acquired target does not jump to adjacent target
● Reliable and stable tracking of high-speed and rapidly maneuvering vessels

▶ Advanced Interference Reduction (IR) function
Target Echo does not become smaller even with IR on

▶ 26” Wide LCD monitor compatibility
▶ Complies with the following regulations:
● IEC62388 Ed. 2.0● IEC61174 Ed. 3.0● IEC62288● IEC61162-1 Ed. 4.0● IEC61162-2