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▶ Ideal position sensor for Radar, AIS, ECDIS, autopilot, echo sounder and other navigation and communications equipment
▶ Full compliance with IMO MSC. 112 (73) and IEC 61108-1: performance and testing standards for GPS receiver
▶ Enhanced stability and precision in position fixing thanks to a highly sensitive antenna unit
Enhanced noise rejection capabilities are incorporated in the GPS receiver, delivering anti-jamming function as well as high level of tolerance towards multi-path mitigation*
* the Antenna unit GPA-020S or GPA-021S is required

▶ Augmentation to enhance precision by utilizing SBAS (Satellite-Based Augmentation System) and DGPS (an optional DGPS radio beacon receiver as well as GPA-021S antenna unit required)
▶ Fully complies with IMO MSC. 114 (73) and IEC 61108-4: performance and testing standards for DGPS radio beacon receiver
▶ 10 Hz position update rate (position updated every 0.1 second) making steady own ship position tracking possible
▶ USB port available on the front panel
Routing data, menu setting, user setting can be exported/imported through USB jump drives

▶ Dual configuration for back-up purpose to ensure system availability
Information about waypoints, route and other data set by the operators on the one unit can be shared with the other unit for functional back-up

▶ LAN interface available for efficient network integration into a bridge system, fully complying with IEC 61162-450, the new mandatory Ethernet communication standard
▶ 5.7” color LCD (with 640 x 480 pixels) for data presentation
▶ Simplified menu operation