boat latch / keyed / for doors

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boat latch / keyed / for doors boat latch / keyed / for doors


  • Application domain:

    for boats

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    for doors


Regular entry and exit latching is now combined with quick-acting dogging using a SINGLE Lever-Latch Handle. Weather tight, dogged sealing can be conveniently achieved by lifting the handle UPWARD to engage Edge-of-Panel, Quick-Acting Concealed Dogs.

Freeman Lever-Latch Dogging features an integral 'Closed Position ONLY' dogging feature that protects the coaming's painted finish. Dogging handle can only be raised to engage concealed dogs when the door panel is in the closed, latched position.

'Lever-Latch' Dogging conforms to the latest ISO, European regulations regarding fire egress. Regulations require that exiting in an emergency situation must be achievable without the need to locate a secondary, removable engagement device device to open the door. Freeman Marine's integral 'Level-Latch' Dogging System fully meets this requirement.