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    for sport multihulls

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New Fathead Mainsail for Ventilo 20 Cat Boat :

The fibers of reinforcement are placed to manage the main efforts of the sail and to make it stronger. These fibers are placed between two coats of milar film treated against UV.

This kind of cloth comes from the racing industry and is now used by different brands, in different sectors by several top of the range sailmakers.

- Mainsail adapted for the Ventilo 20 Cat Boat : equipped with just the mainsail, and a 11.50m mast.
- Fiberfoam battens + tensioners, easy to use thanks to a BTR key : the ideal tension is easily and quickly found !
- 4 penants on the sail and 2 on the leesh to control the flow
- Better Power control: Depending on cunigham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind.
- Nice look and new sensations: these sails give a boost and new look to the boat and allow a 360° clean look on water.