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all-around SUP / inflatable / PVC
Lagoon 10.6

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all-around SUP / inflatable / PVC all-around SUP / inflatable / PVC - Lagoon 10.6


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Lagoon 10.6 is an all-around board. Perfect for discovering the joys of Stand-Up-Paddle, it is an easyboard for various types of conditions. This board will be fun on calm waters such as lakes and rivers but will also be playful small seaside waves . The Lagoon 10.6 is made with our "Stringer" technology, a single layer of fabric reinforced with a 12 cm belt to stiffens the board in its length. With a length of 320 cm, a width of 83.0 cm and a height of 15 cm, the Lagoon 10.6 is perfect for light and heavy weight paddlers. The Lagoon 10.6 pack includes an adjustable paddle in 3 parts made out of fibre and PVC, a "2-way" inflation pump and a 1680 D nylon carrying bag with straps, belt and wheels.

ShaperHocke + Moon
Size inch10.6 x 33 x 6
Size cm320 x 83.80 x 15.0
Volume310 L
Weight10.2 kg
TechnologyAIR SUP | Stringer technology | 3 fins setup | custom cut EVA pad | net | leash plug
Fin size5.7'' x 7.5''
Fin techPVC
User manualDownload below