water tank / for boats / bendable

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water tank / for boats / bendable water tank / for boats / bendable


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The original marine flexible bladders. Still the best worldwide!

Why carry bulky jerry cans or install expensive rigid tanks when every spare inch of on board space is valuable? Flexitank marine bladders allow otherwise useless space to become valuable holding space - and at a fraction of the cost of traditional tank options without the need to modify your boat!

Flexitank marine bladders are the perfect on board solution for additional storage of diesel, petrol, and toilet/galley waste.

Some manufacturers use old high-frequency technology to weld bladder outer edges. Some have even tried to copy what we do. There is a reason we have been manufacturing for 34 years and exporting our products all over the world. It is quality and ingenuity in manufacturing. Flexitank only use the latest hot air technology to create seamless sided bladders. Fewer welds mean fewer weak spots. A new Flexitank will last longer and take you further.

All Flexitank marine bladders are dual layer. Every Flexitank marine bladder utilises the latest in bladder manufacturing technology. This means every Flexitank bladder meets worldwide EPA requirements for the cartage and storage of diesel fuel in marine applications.

Every Flexitank marine bladder is the heaviest available anywhere in the world. Utilising an immensly strong 800gsm urethane film for the inner bladder, and an unbreakable 1400gsm urethane blended reinforced fabric for the outer layer, Flexitank marine bladders provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you, your passengers, and you boat will not expereince the dread of leaking tanks.

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