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stand-up paddle board paddle / recreational / touring / racing

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stand-up paddle board paddle stand-up paddle board paddle - SUP-FOULM


  • Application domain:

    for stand-up paddle boards

  • Intended use:

    recreational, touring, racing

  • Configuration:


  • Number of blades:

    single, double

  • Material:


  • Other characteristics:

    adjustable, disassemblable


The ninety comes with a medium approximately 90 sq. inch blade and a weight of the total paddle 695 gramm only. The ninety has a matt finish. This paddle is designed for racing and touring. Or for allrounders that want to spoil themselves with an ultra light and efficient paddle.


Comfortable grippy none-fatique handle thanks to ergonomic design
100% carbon
Matt finish for better grip

3-piece (fits in a 90 cm long backpack). Length adjustable between 160– 220 cm.
100% carbon
We ISO tested several paddle shafts before deciding on this one, to assure optimal stiffness, lightweight and flex to lighten up your shoulders
Gorilla double bolted clip to prevent twist. Slim design so easy to slide over with hands
FIT OCEAN logo printed in the bottom part of the shaft (not where your hands are)
Matt finish for better grip

100% carbon
Blade angle 10°
Fluid dynamic ‘neck’ (blade transition to shaft) for minimal cavitation
Dihedral design to exclude flutter and have steady smooth strokes
Square shaped blade maximum power / size ratio. Not to ‘meaty’ in the top part
Deep concave at the tip to ‘grab and hold’ the water
Pointed blade tip to break water tension when paddle slides in the water
Blade size medium. Approx. 90 sq. in.
Matt finish for better grip

580 gr.