outboard center console boat / traditional / 8-person max.
Andarco 22



  • Motor type:


  • Style:


  • Number of places:

    8-person max.

  • Length:

    6.2 m, 6.5 m (20'04")


Technical specifications

Boat lenght: 6,20 meters – 6,50 full lenght
Width: 2,29 meters
Beam: 1,33 meters
Weight without fuel: 850 kg.
Max payload: 720 kg. (passengers included)
Full lead displacement: 2 t.
Passengers: 8
Fuel tank: 120 L (maximum capacity)
Water tank: 50 L (maximum capacity)
Max engine power: 200 CV (147 kw)
Omologation: CE
Category: C

Product Description

Andarco 22 is a Nautical Shipyard Ferrario open model of 6.50 mt. It is built with a high walled and large interior spaces.

The boat has a traditional hull capable of keeping the sea very comfortable.

The boat has a comfortable and spacious side access. The seat allows enough space to three persons, while the guide seat is openable with the possibility of installing cooker. In addition you can also choose a single-seat backrest. On the sides there are two internal shapes to give space to any boathooks or other accessories.

The front is very large, you can extract the central table and eat comfortably in four people with two side sofas and a chair in front of the steering console.

Although this model has very high steel handrail with two handles on the bow to get on and off easily from the piers.

It is possible to customize the boat according to client.