yacht panel mounting clip / aluminium



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    for yachts, aluminium


The Stratlock Range is a heavy-duty panel mounting solution for installing heavy panels mounted into aluminium or steel extrusion framework. With no special installation tools required, the Stratlock Range is a hidden fixing that installs rapidly into the framework and panel, provides 360° adjustment of the panel before locking into place, and boasts our highest shear strength and pull out load. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for the contract interior fit-out industry. Typical applications include heavy wall and ceiling panels in hotels, hospitals, retail and residential. Patent Pending.

The SL-M15 attaches to the panel, and mounts into either SL-F15A or SL-F15B for rapid mounting of heavy panels to aluminium or steel extrusion framework. Featuring a two-stage engagement head, the SL-M15 provides 360° panel adjustment before locking into its final position. Option to fix into panel with #8 screw, or Fastmount SuperGroove adhesive. Combined with the SL-F15A or SL-F15B, the SL-M15 has a 15 kg pull out load and high
shear strength. 5mm standoff between panel and frame. No special tools required for installation.