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partially enclosed lifeboat / for ships
SEL-T 15.75 / PLL 1099 / PLR-EVO 170



  • Type:

    partially enclosed

  • Application domain:

    for ships


The combined solution
All Fassmer tender boats for cruise ships and ferries are certified both as tenders and as lifeboats, in either case meeting the highest standards – giving you the “best of both worlds”.

With Fassmer’s well-proven tender boats, your passengers will travel ship to shore and shore to ship in the highest comfort.

Certified as lifeboat for up to 267 persons
Certified as tender for up to 233 persons
Fully IMO/SOLAS certified
Can be certified according to different flag state requirements if desired
Ample space for every person
Good view from all seats
Optional integrated sun deck
Quick and easy access for all passengers
Quick and easy access for disabled people and wheelchairs
Equipped with powerful twin engines
Optional bow thruster
Robust, reliable, easy to maintain
Simultaneous hook release of FASSMER Duplex® on-load-off-load release hooks, MSC circ. 320/321 compliant