aquaculture water aerator / surface

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aquaculture water aerator / surface aquaculture water aerator / surface - Flobull


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    for aquaculture

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The Flobull aerator projects a very emulsified spray of water into the air, thus providing maximum contact with the atmosphere. In this way oxygen in the air is transferred into the water. This process does not raise the water temperature because a sometimes warmer atmospheric contact is compensated through cooling caused by evaporation.

Despite their low electricity consumption, 180W to 1500W, Flobulls have a water mixing flow rate of 75 to 380m3/h. For a Flobull 1CV (750W), the high oxygen input into the water is 1.2 kg of O2/h.

Main features :

- 4 models from 0,25 cv (180 w) to 2 cv (1,5 Kw)
- Water brewing from 75 m3/h to 380 m3/h
- A.S.B : 1,2 kg 02/KWh
- IP 55 quality motor at 400 V or 230 V
- 11mm AISI 304 L stainless steel mesh in standard
- Robust conception in high density polyéthylen and stainless steel

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