freestyle windsurf sail / 4-batten

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freestyle windsurf sail / 4-batten freestyle windsurf sail / 4-batten - RODEO FREESTYLE


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Our Rodeo Freestyle is the perfect matching sail to our Rodeo Freestyle-Board line. It scores due to its low weight and the playful manoeuvrability. With only 4 battens it is super light and offers particularly fast planning, while special attention should also be given to its controllability and performance. So if you are up to new school surfing, there is no getting around the new Rodeo Freestyle.

- Minimum Mast Concept
- Short Mast and Boom Concept
- Use of extremely durable sail cloth in luff and foot
- Ultra-Light handling with lots of power to stand any new school trick
- Low trim power due to trim block Big wheels
- Strap-On to fix the rolled sail