freeride windsurf board

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freeride windsurf board freeride windsurf board - XANTOS


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  • Volume:

    160 l (42 gal)


Why deciding between old and new school, narrow or wide body board if you can as well have the best of both worlds? With the base of the much loved Xantos shape of the 90ies and some modern adjustments like a longer and fl att er bott om shape and a narrow but rounder tail, the XANTOS is more legendary than ever before. Curve the classic freeride manoeuvres smoothly and enjoy the light and lively feeling.

+ A long flat bott om shape stabilizes the board and makes it easy
controllable and early planning
+ Round and narrow outline in the tail makes the board reactive
+ Double concave with side flats in the front for a smooth ride
+ Harmonic rails and a flat V in the tail makes the board easy
+ Outside strap position in the front, variable positions in the back
+ Optional center-fin in powerbox on Xantos 150
+ Daggerboard on Xantos 160