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SLICE Carbon Comp' Series

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surf kiteboard surf kiteboard - SLICE Carbon Comp' Series


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    freeride, wave, freestyle, speed, competition

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SLICE Carbon Comp' Series

The All-out Strapless Freestyle Machine
Lightweight, compact shape and balanced outline
Easy and intuitive pop
Reduced thickness for an improved control and lighter weight
Fantastic control during the jumps and smooth landings


The Slice Carbon Comp Series has become an all-out strapless freestyle machine. The versatility for small wave riding is still very much there since it’s part of all F-ONE product DNA, but the design parameters of the “carbon comp series” have been pushed significantly towards competition strapless freestyle under the close monitoring of Mitu Monteiro and Camille Delannoy who have tested and proven this shape on the world tour.


This year we have kept the same parallel outline but with a direct transition to the tail to get an easier pop.
The straighter rocker line offers a faster straight-line speed to send more energy into the pop. The kick in the tail remains unchanged to keep the same ease when rocking the board with the back foot during the pop.
The deeper central channel on the bottom, which also features a central V channels the flow much better. This results in a better control before sending the jump and smoother, safer landings.
We have reduced the thickness in order to improve control at all times and benefit from a lighter weight.


The parallel rails and deep channel provide a smooth ride with a lot of control. The grip when edging upwind or before the pop is first class and creates a lot of possibilities during the session.

The board is fast with sharp acceleration. It’s easy to generate some speed before loading up for a trick and reach higher amplitude.