twin-tip kiteboard / freeride / freestyle / quad-fin



  • Type:


  • Intended use:

    freeride, freestyle

  • Other characteristics:



Amazing Glide
Easy Performances
Super smooth riding
Maximum Comfort and pop with Bi-axial Construction
The TRAX ESL is all about having fun on the water.
This new board is based on the long TRAX heritage and implements some of the latest thinking developed on the WTF?! to offer a unique blend of comfort, performances and ease of ride.

The general rocker is moderate to ensure the board offers early planing and keeps the legendary glide which is the true signature of the TRAX.
The rocker line is split into three distinct stages with a flatter section in the center, which is key to achieve a good upwind angle and good tracking on the water. The transition between the middle section and the tips was inspired by the WTF?! rocker to offer really good pop.