electric folding bike / city / for boats
Zed 12 / Zed 16



  • Type:

    electric, city

  • Application domain:

    for boats


This e-bike delivers HUGE in a small package. It rides very well, carries max allowable speed for a bike and will tackle most of the work even on a climb. It folds down to an amazingly small package in seconds and unfolds even faster.

This really is the ultimate auxiliary bike...and you’re NEVER stuck, if you do happen to exceed the range (now THAT would an adventuresome ride!) the bike pedals home without missing a beat.

An AMAZING commuter take it on the Skytrain, take it in your RV, take it on your boat, throw it in your trunk; it will fit just about anywhere.

Folded up it ROLLS LIKE A SUITCASE. It just doesn't get any easier!

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