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flexible mechanical coupling / for boats / for shafts / anti-vibration



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  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Applications:

    for shafts

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The Evolution Flexible Shaft Coupling (EFSC) solves misalignment, absorbs and dampens shock loads and shaft vibrations, prolongs the life of machinery, and isolates metal-to-metal for quietness.
The EFSC is comprised of four major components: 1) a spool flange machined to bolt directly to the reduction flange; 2) a large circular rubber flex joint that's replaceable; 3) a split flange coupling for the shaft with pinch bolts, set bolts, and keyway; 4) a retainer cover that serves to protect the rubber flex joint, capture all bolts, and improve overall strength of the unit.
The Evolution Flexible Shaft Coupling uses quality construction and few parts and is easily installed.