ship waste compactor
briquetting unit



  • Application domain:

    for ships


The Evac briquetting unit is an advanced waste compaction system for minimizing the storage volume of dry waste on board vessels. The unit includes a shredder, a fire gate, a shredded waste storage tank, and a briquetting machine.


Very high compaction rate (10:1 bulk density)
Operates in all sea and port conditions without restrictions
Minimal manual intervention required
Produces clean, compact briquettes with low fire risk that can be stored for on-shore processing or incinerated using an Evac advanced cyclone incinerator

Designed for small and medium-sized vessels, our innovative briquetting technology has several advantages when compared to conventional incinerator plants or garbage compacting and landing systems, making it an ideal alternative.

The fully automated unit has a small footprint and requires minimal intervention from the operator. The Evac briquetting unit can process recyclable and non-recyclable waste and has a very high compaction rate. Recyclable waste of the same kind can be briquetted ready for processing on shore, while non-recyclable waste briquettes can be burned in the incinerator. Stored briquettes do not leak liquids or dust, keeping storage areas cleaner. The briquetting unit can be installed parallel to an incinerator plant to combine the benefits of both systems. We recommend an Evac advanced cyclone incinerator is used for this purpose as its unique moving grates ensure highly efficient waste drying and burning.