plastic waste shredder / for ships
UMS 5050 midi



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    for ships


The Evac UMS 5050 is a compact, heavy-duty shredder designed for shredding large volumes of waste materials such as general waste, plastic, metal tins, and wood. The shredder transforms the waste into flakes, minimizing volume, enabling incineration, and allowing any residual liquid to drain away. The slow-rotating shredder keeps noise levels to a minimum. The volume reduction is up to 90% depending on the fraction.

The shredder teeth are made of homogenous extremely high-strength hardened steel. For added safety, the Evac UMS 5050 features an electronic overload control that reverses the shredder when it is overloaded in order to release the material before resuming normal operation. The number of repetitions before a complete stop can be adjusted according to the type of duty

A large feeding hopper is located on top of the unit, and safety switches on the doors ensure safe access and maintenance.

The shredded material is collected in a stainless steel box ready for incineration on board or transport ashore. The standard model is constructed from painted mild steel.