ship waste compactor

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ship waste compactor ship waste compactor - UMCC


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    for ships


The Evac UMCC, multi chamber compactor, can separate and compact several different waste fractions. The compactor has unique double-stroke and stay-n-hold functions for an increased compaction rate. The press head has a proven press force of over five tons.

The general waste is compacted in plastic bags, while plastic film and cardboard are baled and tins and cans compacted. Each Evac UMCC is tailor-made to suit the needs of the individual customer. The compactor can have two to eight chambers, and additional chambers can be added later if required.

The Evac UMCC is electromechanical, meaning it is quiet and there is no hydraulic oil leakage or mechanical deterioration over time. It features plug-and-play installation with automatic phase order control. An indication is given when a chamber is full.

The waste volume reduction is up to 90% and the weight of the bales varies between 40 and 70 kg depending on the fraction.