stacking crane spreader / for containers / telescopic / electric



  • Applications:

    stacking crane, for containers

  • Type:

    telescopic, electric


il Technical spécifications
Type of application RTG, RMG, ARMG
Spreader weight (TW) 9 000 kgs without extra equipment
Lifting capacity (SWL), spreader 41 tonnes ± 10 % eccentric load
Lifting capacity (SWL), lifting eyes 4 x 11,25 tonnes
TwistlodcISO pendular 20 mm
Telescopic positions 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft and B7
Telescoping speed from 20-45ft<25 sec
Power supply 400 VAC/501 Iz
□ectrical motors 1x4kW,2x0,37 kW
Electric - control voltage 24VDC
ColourSignal yellow RAL1003

The mainframe with two parallel telescopic beams, assures both maximum overlap and enhanced visibility for the crane driver. Thanks to the extension beam box design not only vertical but also the very considerable horizontal forces are well absorbed

The basics for the twistlock system are the same as for the ELME hydraulic top lift spreaders with a “one of a kind” proven design and well established system thanks to thousands of ELME hydraulic toplift spreaders supplied to the market

The spreader is equipped with the same twistlock components as in all ELME top lift spreaders, implying not only a well-known system but also an advantage in terms of accessibility of spare parts for the end user and service provider


The spreader drive system originates from a proven design based on extensive spreader field tests with numerous hours of operation. This has developed in a silent and well proven spreader drive system
Thanks to the position on top of the spreader the drive system is easily accessible during maintenance but also well-protected with the ELME protection-hoods


The new developed ELME electrical flipper system is designed as one unit with very compact design.