monohull / cruising / deck saloon / with 2 or 3 cabins
Ege 40 DS



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:


  • Deck layout:

    deck saloon

  • Below-deck configuration:

    with 2 or 3 cabins, 6-berth, 8-berth

  • Length:

    12.3 m (40'04")


Length overall : 12.35 m.
Length of waterline : 11.15 m.
Beam : 3.90 m.
Draft : 1.90 / 1.50 m.
Displacement : 8700 / 9000 kg.
Ballast : 2800 / 3100 kg
Berths : 6 - 8
Sail areas : 81 m2
Engine : 54 Hp.

Hull : Hand made solid laminate Fiberglas mat and rowing .
Deck : Deck is moulded Fiberglas, stress areas where winches, sheet
tracks, etc. are reinforced by using backing chrome plates.
Ballast : 2800 / 3100 kg. cast iron, torpedo shaped bottom. Keel bolts are of stainless steel.
Rudder : GRP rudder on solid stainless steel stock (70 mm. diameter).
Motor bed : GRP bed moulded to the hull.
Chain plates : Stainless steel fixed on the hull.
Teak cockpit : Teak cockpit is laid from 10 mm. First class teak ribs bonded to the deck with epoxy resin and
secured by stainless steel screws. Expansion joints sealed by special polyurethane silicone.
Interior joinery : Marine grade water proof plywood faced with selected Mahogany or American Cherry is used in
all bulkheads and major joinery. Specially selected solid Mahogany or beech in frames and doors. Marine plywood in bottoms, shelves, etc. where not visible. All main bulkheads bonded to the hull and deck using glass mat and polyester. Ceiling, top sides and visible hull sides padded with foam backed vinyl. Hullsides, bottom, bilge, etc, topcoated throughout the interior. Varnished cabin sole, Mahogany with Ash-Tree inlaid wood stripes.