waste ship incinerator / sludge / skid-mounted
incinerator Forsazh-1



  • Type:

    waste, sludge

  • Other characteristics:



Due to high combustion temperature (about 1000°C) that is gained in the burning chamber, content of pollution agents in the exhaust gas is brought to minimum. At the same time waste processed by the «Forsazh-1» mobile pack is disposed practically totally, ash remain makes not more than 3-5 % of all waste volume charged.

The traditional two hundred liters steel plate drums are used as the burning chamber. Due to special locking mechanism any two hundred liters steel plate drums (with any diameter) can be used.

The «Forsazh-1» portable pack is effective for the environmentally safely disposal of the following waste:

• used filters and absorbents;
• oiled rags and sawdust;
• paper products;
• oil containing waste;
• other combustible materials.
The «Forsazh-1» small portable pack manufactured by company «ECOservice-NEFTEGAZ» is designed for disposal (combustion) of different industrial organic waste (including oil containing waste).



Maximum capacity, kg/h
up to 50

Gear system
electric, 220V

Power consumption, kW

Weight (not loaded), kg

Total height, sm

The Russian Agency on Patents and Trade Marks issued for "Forsage-1" unit a "Certificate on Useful Model".

Gosgortechnadzor of RF issued a permission on use of "Forsage-1" unit at oil spill response operations on the territory of Russian Federation.

The Center of Sanitary and Epidemiological Survey of Moscow issued the sanitary epidemiologic permission for manufacture and use of "Forsage-1" unit.

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