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RIS 2000

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observation underwater ROV observation underwater ROV - RIS 2000


  • Type:


  • Depth:

    2,000 m (6561'08")


Discover RIS 2000, a complete system specially designed for the TV survey of the outer wall of risers or underwater pipelines. The system is used to cover a range of pipe diameter from 4.5” to 24” at a depth up to 2000 m. The underwater system is powered and operated through a common heavy work class ROV, readily available on the offshore market.FeaturesRiser inspection system rated to 2000 m Riser inspection system rated to 2000 m Permits TV survey of outer wall of risers AND underwater pipelines For range of pipes from 4.5’’ to 24’’ Powered and operated through any common heavy work class ROVApplications for Maritime SectorOil and Gas Market Field Development - Pre & Post survey Asset Integrity Management - Risers inspection & cleaningOperational Performances Operating depth: 2000 m in sea water For risers or pipesfrom 4.5’’ to 24’’