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observation underwater ROV observation underwater ROV - H300-SUR


  • Type:


  • Depth:

    300 m (984'03")


Discover the ECA Group Hytec™ H300-SUR, Observation Class ROV system dedicated for the seabed survey up to 300m depth. Modular and easily configured according to your needs thanks to a wide range of sonar, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensors.Features Standard version highly equipped in viewing system Altimeter and auto-altitude function Wide range of additional sensors 5F electric or hydraulic manipulator armsApplications for Defence & Security Sector Harbour surveillance: Seabed survey Coastal Seabed survey Offshore protection: Shallow water Survey for Platform protectionApplications for Maritime Sector Underwater inspections & Surveys: Seabed survey Immerged Structures (Hydrolic dams, Wind farms, Fish farms, turbines) cleaning: Survey during screen cleaning or dredging operations Energy & Telecommunications cables: Cable inspection and monitoring

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