video corpo

pipeline inspection underwater ROV



  • Type:

    for pipeline inspection

  • Depth:

    2,000 m (6561'08")


H2000-W is a 2000 M Work class ROV for wreck inspection. This ECA Group Hytec™ ROV solution is dedicated to wreck expertise and close inspection to held identifying causes of accidents, inspection of archeological wrecks and recover objects or samples. Modular and easy to configure, it can be equipped with a wide range of sonars, manipulator arms and tools, and any type of sensorsFeatures Standard version equipped with: High performance viewing system & sonar; 2 manipulators & set of hydraulic tools Wide range of additional sensors as option Easy access to all sub-systems for maintenance Air transportable TMS and launch & recovery system Control unit & service container Validated & used by French navyApplications for Defense & Security Sector Wreck expertise inspection