CNC cutting table / conveyor / laser / for composite fiber fabric
Raptor 75x



  • Type:

    CNC, conveyor, laser

  • Treated material:

    for composite fiber fabric, multi-ply fabric, for light fabrics

  • Application domain:



The Eastman Raptor 75x™ features numerous design upgrades and benefits for improved operation, throughput and maintenance for automatic multiple-ply cutting of patterns. Uniquely crafted in the USA to automatically pull stacked material plies from the spreading table to a modular, bristle-block conveyor bed for reciprocating knife cutting of patterns, the models combine precise system operations with state-of-the-art motion control communications for an industrial-strength solution for low- to high-ply cutting of flexible material goods.The Raptor models have been engineered to meet the aggressive demands of clients in growing market segments like the apparel, industrial fabrics and composites industries; customers cutting traditional textiles like cotton, wool and denim -as well as- modern technical materials like kevlar, nonwoven polyesters, foam-backed vinyl and other industrial fabrics.