azimuth thruster / rudder / stern / professional vessel
Azimuth Thrusters



  • Type:

    azimuth, rudder, stern

  • Application domain:

    professional vessel, for ships, for AUVs, for barges, for yachts, for tugboats

  • Power source:

    electric, hydraulic, diesel engine

  • Other characteristics:

    twin counter-rotating propellers, Z-drive, L-drive, twin-prop, compact, fixed-pitch propeller, built-in, controllable-pitch propeller

  • Thrust:

    Min.: 20 kN

    Max.: 412 kN

  • Power:

    Min.: 120 kW (163.2 hp)

    Max.: 2,400 kW (3,263.1 hp)


DTG branded azimuth thruster series. Optimized step size range of 120-2400 kW power. Available with Electric, Hydraulic or Diesel engine drive. Compatible with Steel, Aluminium & FRP vessels. compliant with all major class societies and DP ratings.