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mainsail mainsail - STRATIS


  • Type:

    mainsail, headsail

  • Applications:

    for racing sailboats, for ocean racing sailboats


Stratis pre-impregnated fibre technology provides unmatched flexibility in fibre orientation, accuracy of placement and superior lamination. All fibres are load-bearing, converging to every load point. Producing stronger, lighter sails that are much smoother when set, hold their shape better with significantly less stretch and last longer than conventional sails.

The surface options for the Grand Prix racer are endless – we understand that every grand prix race yacht is different often requiring complete customisation per sail – every Stratis sail you build is carefully designed and constructed based on your requirements. Whether you are a grand prix race yacht looking for complete weight optimisation or a yacht that is looking for a full set of sails to last multiple seasons or an offshore race yacht looking for high performance and durability, all options can be covered with a combination of the options below. We recommend speaking with a Doyle Grand Prix expert to select your optimal sail choice.

Stratis GPx: GPx surfaces are the lightest weight surfaces available. The GPx Film 0.25 which can be used for smaller Grand Prix race yachts and can be combined with a UL surface for Grand Prix gennakers and code 0's and heavier weights (GPx Film 0.5 UV and GPx Film 0.75 UV) used for larger Grand Prix race yachts looking for the ultimate in lightweight performance. This product is great for helmsman and trimmers that like to be able to see tell tales on both sides of the sail, making for a sail that is easier to trim.

UL and ULx: Having a sail built from UL or ULx on both sides of the sail increases your durability and stability considerably