code 0 / for cruising sailboats / for cruising multihulls / radial cut



  • Type:

    code 0

  • Applications:

    for cruising sailboats, for cruising multihulls

  • Fabrication:

    radial cut


For cruisers who want every bit of extra performance, Doyle Sails has developed a specialized downwind code sail for easy handling. The cruising code sail is highly customized to each individual boat and highlight Doyle’s diverse and innovative engineering capabilities and advanced construction techniques.
The Code 0 is a highly specialised sail used to sail higher reaching angles and flies with a straight luff, allowing for easy sail trim for optimum reaching perfromance. The tight luff also allows the sail to be easily depowered by simply easing the sheet or tweeker, as the design allows it to twist off more like a conventional headsail, without collapsing like a spinnaker. Covering a wide wind range, combined with a furling system, these sails are a popular choice for the sailor who is looking for an easily handled sail to improve their downwind and reaching performance. The sail is designed in high strength materials and fibres to ensure that the sail is durable.