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rope thimble / for cables
BIK {1-2-3}



  • Applications:

    rope, for cables


Bik is not only a thimble eye: it is a flexible mooring, it is an antistress for belts and bitts, it is comfort onboard.
Bik is born thanks to Douglas Marine’s experience and know how in very high tecnology elastomers field. It is a thimble eye that makes a difference for its simplicity and at the same time for its brilliance. In fact Bik is highly productive with regard to exercise temperatures, wear resistence and plastic deformation.

How it’s done on a common nylon or stainless steel thimble eye, user costumer after sealing the mooring belt on Bik will get a flexible mooring line, able to amortize the shock on bitts and belts granting a total comfort in the process of mooring. Also, it offers an unparalleled security, since it is the mooring belt itself to serve as end of stroke and to bear mooring load.

Bik is available in 3 sizes for ropes up to 14 mm, 18 mm and mm.