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yacht stabilizer yacht stabilizer - AntiRoll®


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    for yachts


Roll damping system for yachts in excess of 30 metres.

A superyacht is synonymous with comfort. To achieve the absolute highest level in on board comfort, a yacht must lie still in the water and not rock to and fro. Owners and guests want to be able to enjoy all luxuries on and around the yacht, from the jacuzzi on the sun deck to a to Michelin rated dinner, without any disruptions.

Stabilizers are installed on almost all superyachts. Stabilizers reduce the non-desirable rolling of a yacht and increase onboard comfort. In turn, this reduces sea sickness and should the yacht come up against bad weather and conditions, the stabilizers improve safety on board. Most superyachts are fitted with a so-called ‘zero speed’ system. There are also systems on the market that stabilize the roll both during sailing and when moored. The performance of these systems are not truly optimal as a compromise has to be made between the sailing and mooring performance.

Thanks to its unique, dual-axis fin stabilizer, which rotates whilst sailing and flaps at anchor, AntiRoll provides stabilization both underway and at zerospeed without any compromise of performance in either circumstance.

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