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boat fender boat fender - RO-MAR


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    for boats

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RO-MAR fenders and buoys are ideal for on-board storage

RO-MAR fenders and buoys are the result of years of develpoment and research in co-operation with major marine and offshore operators.

The pneumatic RO-MAR fenders and buoys are ideal for on-board storage. The RO-MAR can be used as a temporary buoy, fender or lift/support unit. The RO-MAR pneumatic fender is especially handy for large yachts where standard boat fenders are just not up to the job!

The versatile RO-MAR is offered in a wide selection of sizes to suit your requirements. We can stylize the RO-MAR with your logos and vessel name for instant recognition. The RO-MAR can also be used as a temporary marker buoy or floating bill board for special events.

The RO-MAR has undergone rigorous testing in numerous applications and proven it's' versatility and reliability.

Please note the RO-MAR is a temporary low pressure fender or buoy, and may not be suitable for all fixed or long term installations. The low storage volume makes it ideal for keeping on-board for a variety of applications and unusual situations. If you would like assistance determining the most appropriate model for your project please contact us!