circular oil skimmer / multi-brush



  • Type:

    circular, multi-brush


This circular brush skimmer

The HELIX represents a significant advancement in skimmer technology. This circular brush skimmer is the result of several years of research and development.

We have overcome the challenges presented by this circular design by engineering a unique brush drive train and combing mechanisms. DESMI has recognized for some time that circular skimmers have considerable operational advantages over square or rectangular units – namely that the oil is able to flow freely onto the brushes from any angle, which is especially important with heavy and thick oils that do not flow well.

The Principle

This principle has been proven with our traditional line of self- adjusting weir skimmers. This design also significantly increases the total surface area of brushes in contact with the oil layer, in this case over 13 linear feet! The HELIX brush adaptor is available for the TERMINATOR, TERMITE as well as other weir skimmers.

The HELIX completed testing at OHMSETT under the new USCG protocol with great success! The testing included light and heavy oil in waves. Contact us if you would like a copy of the test data.