sailing catamaran / coastal cruising / coastal racing / with enclosed cockpit



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    coastal cruising, coastal racing

  • Deck layout:

    with enclosed cockpit

  • Below-deck configuration:

    4-berth, 6-berth

  • Length:

    11 m (36'01")


Dazcats latest design, due to begin production in 2017, is a new performance tiller-steering design. This replaces our D995 and design features include her super light weight with taller rig for increased speed, kick-up rudders for beaching, lowered cockpit canopy to give clear viewing from the helm, and headroom below decks in the hulls. Rudders and dagger boards are carbon.

The boat has been designed with the MOCRA and RORC inshore and offshore racing circuit in mind. The D1050 will create a new entry level DAZCAT that offers a great performance-sailing experience combined with comfort for cruising and good looks whatever you are doing.

We have designed her to be very light, simplifying her systems and construction to reduce weight. With a target of less than 3 tones all up, the new 1095 will have an outboard as standard with the option for twin 10ph inboards.

A square-top main, self-tacking jib and lines running back to the cockpit, make for safe and easy single-handed sailing.
In the full width cockpit, built in twin seating benches provide comfort and give easy access to winch stations controlling the mainsheet traveller and downwind sails. On the coach roof there is a pair of winches to control the jib sheets and all halyards including main, jib, spinnaker, and reef lines. We have lowered the cockpit canopy to provide a clear view from the helm.