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rescue ship (SAR)

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rescue ship (SAR) rescue ship (SAR)


In addition to warships, DSME builds various support vessels for naval operations and specialty vessels. Korea's first auxiliary submarine rescue (ASR) ship, "Chonghaejin," which was built in 1996 is equipped with state-of-the-art systems such as a sophisticated deep dive system including a deep submersible vehicle, rescue equipment, and a helipad.

DSME finalized the construction of the first ATS-II salvage and rescue ship for the Republic of Korea Navy which is equipped with a dynamic positioning system. The ATS-II salvage ships have been designed to raise sunken vessels of up to 400 tonnes. They can also tow 14,500-tonne ships. Equipment includes a remotely operated vehicle capable of searching to a depth of 3,000 m.

Further, in 2017 DSME successfully developed the basic design for a new 5,200-tonne auxiliary submarine rescue ship, or ASR-II, for the Republic of Korea Navy. The vessel is intended to strengthen capabilities currently represented by one "Chonghaejin" class ASR submarine rescue ship. Now DSME plans to move on to the next stage, which is to develop the ship’s systems and deliver the vessel to the Korean navy by 2022.