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ship davit / for rescue boats / hydraulic / gravity



  • Application domain:

    for ships, for rescue boats

  • Operation:

    hydraulic, gravity, electric


Product Details & Information
D-CRm.FR – slewing type davit for fast rescue boat.

Slewing and hoisting with hydraulic and/or electric drive.


Hoisting speed according to SOLAS: 48 m/min
Wave compensation with hoisting speed of max 110 m/min
Integrated shock absorber
With the full complement of persons the boat is launched from the stowed position to the water level. Hydraulic power will do the slewing, gravity or hydraulics will do the lowering. Both procedures, the slewing and the lowering, can be controlled from either the deck position or from within the boat.

The entry to the craft should be wide enough to handle a stretcher carrying a wounded person.

For RoPax, Ferries, Cruise Ships, Navy