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ship davit / free-fall lifeboat / hydraulic / gravity



  • Application domain:

    for ships, free-fall lifeboat

  • Operation:

    hydraulic, gravity


Product Details & Information
D-FH - davit system foldable for free-fall lifeboat.

The A-crane can be folded away on this free-fall davit. This will reduce the overall height e.g. if bridges or other low obstacles shall be passed.

The system is fixed on the open deck and is suitable for launching a fully manned boat from the stowed position to the water level by means of gravity (free-fall).

If obstacles are in the water or if the water is not deep enough, the boat will be launched slowly by the A-frame-crane and hydraulic winch system, installed on the track (second means of rescue). The A-frame-crane can also recover the boat on board (manned with operation crew).

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