loaded container handler / with top-lift spreader
FH45.4 / FH50.5 / FH50.6



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    with top-lift spreader


CVS FERRARI also offers to its public a sériés of Loaded Container Handling “Liftrucks” that have
no equal in the marketplace. Featuring functions that have never been seen before. these “Toploaders”
are bringing new life to this product concept.
Our line of Laden Container Handling Lift Trucks is offered in two basic châssis and three main stacking
versions, capable of lifting 4x9’6\ 5x9’6" and 6x9’6” high. A three stages “RoRo” application mast is
available for up to 4x9!6” high stacking for the short wheelbase châssis model of the range.
Our Toploaders feature the same high efficiency and fast response electro-hydraulics as our
Reach Stackers, and the same powerful on-board computer system that supervises their operational
safety, sub-systems functionality and optimization of use. Benefiting from the components standardization
with the heavy boom trucks, the CVS FERRARI masted laden
container handlers are able to offer new and unique features never seen before.
Among these is the Load Moment Indicator and Limiter. This safety device takes into
considération the effect of the mast tilt and of the spreader outreach on the static and dynamic stability of
the machine. Based on that data it progressively prevents dangerous maneuvers as the truck stability
reserve is reducing. Another key and exclusive feature is the safety concerned
Spreader Individual Twist-Lock Status Information which shows the driver if any of the twist-locks are
not correctly seated or locked. Other new features include the “Stacking Height Indicator” and the “Driving
Configuration Optimizer” which reduces tire wear and increases driving stability.