reach-stacker with top-lift spreader / loaded container
F500.RS6 / F500.RS7 / F500.RS8



  • Technology:

    with top-lift spreader

  • Applications:

    loaded container


The CVS FERRARI High Capacity Reach Stackers provide additional lifting power and range of reach for the more
demanding environments. These models offer reinforced structures and then in some cases standard front stabilizers
and longer wheel base thus allowing the handling of very heavy loads at distant centres of gravity.
By winning dozens of “Non-conventional Heavy Load Handling” challenges, these CVS FERRARI breed
of “bison" Reach Stackers have proven their extraordinary lift, carry abilities. When equipped with
the regular “inboard stabilizers" or - for some models - with the unique “outboard mounted stabilizers"
options, these machine are capable of performing the most severe bottom pick/second rail handling
and negative lift container handling applications such as loading and unloading of barges.
The CVS FERRARI High Capacity Reach Stacker is idéal for “second rail application" and pick and carry
of heavy and bulky cargo where required. This equipment family safely and efficiently handles heavy and
bulky products such as Steel slabs, pipe, windmill components and pre-formed concrete structures.